Our extensive worldwide coverage allows us to stand out as a leading company in the trade of electronic devices.

We have experience in logistics in the region and we are present in all the airports in this area as well, which makes simple the delivery and recovery of cargo, and distinguishes us in services such as, the area of maritime agency, air agency, port operation, land transportation, container facilities, insurance and representation of foreign houses.

Since our inception we have focused our company’s efforts in the development and coordination of maritime and air cargoes to and from the main ports of the world. We have the experience, technology, financial resources and human capital to ensure the proper flow of information.

To ensure excellence in our services, we have developed important relationships with the best airlines worldwide, as well as with ocean shipments involving FCL/FCL, FCL/LCL, Refrigerated or Special Equipment.

Our specialty focuses on the trade of electronic products such as IT equipment cables, chargers, spare parts for laptops, printers, services, notebooks and other technology related equipment.

 is among one of the best positioned to provide our electronic devices customers with products according to their business, to satisfy their import trade needs.

Our team of professionals is fully trained to help our clients establish long-term solutions and alliances, strategic relationships with world-class companies and service providers to gain a competitive advantage over other companies in the Region.

How does our service work?

The ability to coordinate generates infinite potential

As a company that markets electronic devices, we must have more than just the knowledge of the other processes. Having the ability to coordinate the entire process is even more important. We take care of details from factory visits, audits, and support in import and export processes.

Our customers will be able to discover solutions from different angles and choose the process that best suits their needs. The business potential generated by our own coordination for our clients is infinite.

More importantly, our commitment to serve and delight customers is indispensable in the business of electronic technology trade.

Technical coordination means adding the technology and expertise we cultivate to our customers’ ideas and knowledge to create new value.

For this reason, it is important to constantly seek out the latest information and look at the world of electronic technology from a broader perspective than anyone else.

Our goal is to make our customers rely on us to make sure that if they have a problem, we can solve it and become their first contact when they encounter problems. We spare no effort to become the best partner for all customers. We will stand by our customers and grow with them. This is the vision and ideal state of an electronic technology trading company.

Our years of experience in the process of sourcing products in the international trade markets have allowed us to become allies of established producers, suppliers and manufacturers with renowned importers.

This is how our sourcing experience, global contacts, and understanding of our customers’ unique needs has made us able to provide customized solutions through import expertise.



Trading Services

We support other companies in doing business with China and the rest of Asia.  We help companies, dedicated to the sale of electronic devices, to make their sourcing purchases in China in the most fluid, safe, and profitable way.
Our advice for importing from China and doing business with China includes the following services:

  • • China supplier research
  • • Factory audits and verification
  • • Product inspection and quality control.
  • • Sea or air logistics
  • •  Import and nationalization procedures
  • • Optimization of your supply chain
  • • Supplier confidentiality
  • • Commercial representation in China



B2B Business

HK C. Core is a company, partnering with other companies in China and Asia (B2B) that facilitates our customers in import and global trade, with a special focus on the China market, providing information to international buyers and integrated marketing services to suppliers.



Import/Export service

Quick, reliable, worldwide import/export arrangement is what HK C. Core do best.

Organizations that give import and fare administrations face the regular lawful incitements of managing the laws and decides that oversee this industry.



Shipping & Tracking

We’ll help you keep track of your shipments so you can be prepared to serve your customers by knowing the status in the transportation process.

HK C. Core will make the necessary arrangements to accomplish a smooth shipping process from start to finish regardless the way your products to be transported to their final destination, either by air, sea or land.

We hold contracts with all significant transportation lines and consolidators and are consequently ready to offer an assortment of sea delivering choices upon demand.

Airship cargo transportation is a quick and proficient delivery strategy when you need to get items to clients rapidly.

On the other hand, land trucking transportation is a more affordable shipment method when the time is not crucial to be immediate.



Customs Clearance procedure

This is the necessary procedure to follow so you can import or export your products internationally. We will help to get the O.K. from the shipper and get the documentation you need to complete the process. 

Our experts know all the rules and regulations pertaining to every country. This way you can trust your good will be handled and shipped quick and efficiently avoiding any complications or delays. Let’s get in touch and take care of your needs!

Are you looking for something else? Don’t worry we can probably help too.


24/7 Support Team

Are you looking for something else?

Don’t worry we can probably help too.
Let’s get in touch and take care of your needs!

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